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Read more... GER Records of German Educational Reconstruction 1943-1958
Read more... GER/1 Organisation Apr 1943 - Dec 1958
Read more... GER/1/1 Finance 1943-1957
Read more... GER/1/1/1 Correspondence, with London County Council and the Charity Commission, relating to GER's status as a War Charity 24 Jul 1947 - 25 Feb 1955
Read more... GER/1/1/2 Correspondence, mainly with His Majesty's Inspector of Taxes, 6 Dec 1948 - 4 Jun 1958
Read more... GER/1/1/3 Receipts, lists of expenses and statements of receipts and payments Nov 1943 - 1957
Read more... GER/1/1/4 Correspondence relating to fundraising appeals Nov 1943 - 1957
Read more... GER/1/2 Preliminary draft constitutions, adopted constitution and copies of new constitution [1951 - 1955]
Read more... GER/1/3 Board Papers 16 Apr 1943 - 10 Dec 1958
Read more... GER/1/3/1 Board Papers 1943
Read more... GER/1/3/2 Board Papers 1944
Read more... GER/1/3/3 Board Papers 1945
Read more... GER/1/3/4 Board Papers 1946
Read more... GER/1/3/5 Board Papers 1947
Read more... GER/1/3/6 Board Papers 1948
Read more... GER/1/3/7 Board Papers 1949
Read more... GER/1/3/8 Board Papers 1950
Read more... GER/1/3/9 Board Papers 1951
Read more... GER/1/3/10 Board Papers 1952
Read more... GER/1/3/11 Board Papers 1953
Read more... GER/1/3/12 Board Papers 1954
Read more... GER/1/3/13 Board Papers 1955
Read more... GER/1/3/14 Board Papers 1956
Read more... GER/1/3/15 Board Papers 1957
Read more... GER/1/3/16 Board Papers 1958
Read more... GER/1/4 Standing Committe minutes and agendas 17 Jul 1943 - Sep 1946
Read more... GER/1/5 Advisory Committee agendas, minutes and circulars Oct 1946 - Oct 1951
Read more... GER/1/6 Advisory Council and Annual General Meeting agendas, minutes, memoranda and lists of invitees Sep 1952 - Dec 1958
Read more... GER/1/7 The winding up of the GER Mar - Sep 1958
Read more... GER/1/8 Constitution, minutes and annual reports relating to GER Bonn 1947 - 1958
Read more... GER/2 GER Reports and Bulletins 1943 - 1958
Read more... GER/2/1 Statements and reports 1943 - 1958
Read more... GER/2/2 GER Bulletins 1946 - 1951
Read more... GER/3 German Education
Read more... GER/3/1 GER's war-time and early post-war discussion of German education 1943 - 1946
Read more... GER/3/1/1 Unemployment and education in Germany 1943
Read more... GER/3/1/2 Principles of Educational Reconstruction in Germany [1945]
Read more... GER/3/1/3 Welfare and Youth Welfare 1944
Read more... GER/3/1/4 GER Youth Movement (Jugendbewegung) Work Group 1945
Read more... GER/3/1/5 School Text Books 1945
Read more... GER/3/1/6 GER Historians Work Group 1945
Read more... GER/3/1/7 Religion and the Education 1944
Read more... GER/3/1/8 GER Adult Education Work Group 1943 - 1944
Read more... GER/3/1/9 Notes and reports relating to teacher training 1945
Read more... GER/3/1/10 German Universities 1945 - 1946
Read more... GER/3/1/11 Notices for discussion circle and paper on temporary labour camps 1946
Read more... GER/3/2 German Education: reports, articles and pamphlets 1945 - 1958
Read more... GER/3/3 Pamphlet production 1945 - 1948
Read more... GER/4 Help Schemes 1945 - 1957
Read more... GER/4/1 Training Courses for Social Workers 1945
Please note: the Institute of Education holds collections that document the changing attitude to teaching and learning since the late 18th century. As a result of the content of these collections, which also covers aspects of social history, the catalogue includes racially offensive terms, and outdated terms for people with learning difficulties, and physical disabilities. Where these terms appear in the catalogue it is in the interest of historical accuracy. Their appearance does not reflect the views or opinions of the Institute or our staff.
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