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RefNo BFE/B/3
Title Germany
Date 1944-2010
Extent 6 boxes
ScopeContent Comprises papers regarding the following schools:
Alexandra School Dortmund
Bader First School, Bruggen
Barnes Wallis School
BFES School in Lemgo
Bielefeld School, Koln (Cologne)
Bishop's Park School, Paderborn
British School Hamburg
Bückeburg School
Charlmagne School
Charlottenburg School, West Berlin
Cheshire Middle School, Bruggen
Clive First School, Osnabruck
Collingwood School
Cologne School,
Derby School
Detmold School
Düsseldorf First / Düsseldorf Primary School
Fassberg School
Gatow School
Gloucester School, Hohne
Gottingen School
Haig School Gütersloh
Hameln Primary School
Hampshire School
Hannover Nursery School / Hannover School
Harvestehude School, Hamburg
Herthastrasse Schools
Hilden Primary School / Hilden School
Hubbelrath School, Düsseldorf
Iserlohn School
Jerboa School
John Buchan School, near Bieldfeld
Kent School Hostert
King Alfred School at Plon
King's School
Krefeld Primary School
Laarbruch School
Lubbecke School
Marlborough First School, Osnabrück
Maas First School, Laarburch,
Minden School
Montgomery School, Hohne
Mulheim school
Oxford School , Münster
Paderborn School
Prince Rupert School
Queen's School
Scharfoldendorf Primary School
Sennelager Primary School
Shackleton School
Sir John Mogg School Detmold
Soltau School
Spandau School West Berlin
St Andrew's School
St Christopher's School
St David's School
St George's School Hohne
St Patrick's School
Verden School
Warendorf School
Wavell School
Wellington First School, Osnabruck
York School Münster

Papers comprise: photographs, school magazine, diaries of teachers, memoirs of teachers, publicity material for school plays, papers regarding school trips and school holidays, official records regarding the work of the teachers abroad, publications created by the BFES/SCE and the British Forces more generally, and papers regarding life in Germany for BFES/SCE teachers.

The work of the BFES in Germany was divided into two sections - West Berlin and West Germany - which were admistered separately. There were five schools in West Berlin including: Charlotteburg, Spandau, and The Havel. The remaining schools were in the West Germany section of the BFES.

Osnabruck was the largest British garrison in the world with about four thousand troops. There were three first schools on site: Wellington First School, Marlborough First School and Clive First School. Once children had completed their primary education they went on to Cheshire Middle School on the garrison before attending Edinburgh Secondary School at Münster.
AccessStatus Open
RelatedMaterial Further papers regarding the work of the BFES/SCE in Germany can be found at:
BEF/A/1/1 - including papers regarding Frank Buckley who worked at Windsor Boy's School Hamm, Germany
BFE/A/1/2 - including papers regarding the Luebbecke/Berlin and Rhine/Abbf Districts
BFE/A/1/5 - minutes of meetings of the North West Europe Association
BFE/A/1/6 - appreciation for Hugh Pacey who was former headmaster of Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven
BFE/A/1/10 - includes notes by Grace Davies regarding folk dancing in Germany in the 1940s
BFE/A/2/1 - includes original photograph of Hilden School donated by Archie Eastcrabbe, 1963; children from Hilden School riding on an Army float in the annual Rosenmontag Karnival Procession, 1963
BFE/A/2/3 - mounted exhibition using material on Germany BFES schools
BFE/C/1/2 - includes details about the recruitment and employment of teachers in Germany

Further publications produced by the BFES/SCE can be found at BFE/A/3

Further publications produced by the British Forces and communities can be found at BFE/C/3
Please note: the Institute of Education holds collections that document the changing attitude to teaching and learning since the late 18th century. As a result of the content of these collections, which also covers aspects of social history, the catalogue includes racially offensive terms, and outdated terms for people with learning difficulties, and physical disabilities. Where these terms appear in the catalogue it is in the interest of historical accuracy. Their appearance does not reflect the views or opinions of the Institute or our staff.
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