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Searching the archive catalogue

Basic Search

Enter a word or words to search across the whole online catalogue.

Advanced search

Word Options can be used when entering more than one term in a search option:

Field Options can be used when searching across the fields: Any Text; Date; RefNo. The default option is ‘And’. Narrow / Widen / Exclude Options can be used to refine an initial search and can be very useful when completing more complex searches.

General hints


Search Results

Searches will produce a hit list of results from across all our collections providing basic information: Reference Number (RefNo), title and date. You can order the list by any of these fields by clicking on the relevant link.

To move through the hit list click on First, Back, Next, Last above the hit list.

To see the full description for an individual search result click ’Read More’. To return to the hit list click on the link at the top of the page: ‘Record 1 of…’.

For a printer friendly version of either the hit list or the full details of a record click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Seeing the record in context

The context of a record is just as important as its content, as a result archive catalogues are based on a hierarchical structure to show the context (and provenance) of individual records.

To see the record within context of the collection to which it belongs click on the link in the 'RefNo' field. This will take you to what is called the ‘Tree View’ from where you can browse the full catalogue.

To open up a section (or series) in the catalogue press the ‘+’ sign. In order to close that section you will need to open another section.

To see the full details of a record from the Tree View click on the number to the left of the title. The description at the top of the Tree View will provide a broad overview of the whole collection.

To return to the Tree View from the full description click on the link in the 'RefNo' field.

To return to the hit list you will need to use the ‘Back’ icon on the toolbar.

Booking an appointment

To contact the archives use the link at the top of each page.

Make a note of the Reference Number(s) (RefNo) of each record you would like to consult as these will be required when you book an appointment.

Generally you will need to order either ‘items’ or ‘files’. This information is shown on the full record description under ‘Level’.

Glossary of terms